Rapid Growth 2

The most significant part of any expansion plan is to ensure that you perform a strong due diligence on the markets that you look to target. But once the due diligence is complete, you need to focus on how to beat the competition by being more noticeable than more established faces. While this sounds difficult, it isn’t. If a customer finds you first, they are both more likely to contact you than them, and they are more likely to purchase from you.

If you are looking at a business that has been established against a company that is new such as you, the benefit of being an unknown quality is in fact a benefit, not a negative. Many assume that it would automatically be a negative because some are not likely to go with a company that they haven’t heard of, and instead go with a company who they know is consistent and reliable. But consistent isn’t always better, and this is the case for carpet cleaners.

That makes digital marketing a significant benefit for companies such as carpet cleaners. Around the world, many businesses digital marketing aspects aren’t exactly strong. Most do not even have a Facebook profile, so their general presence is very small. When you look at Australia, carpet cleaners do not have a presence at all. This becomes a significant benefit, and a way for you to be found from customers that wouldn’t have been found otherwise.

Once you had assessed the digital marketing profile of competitors, it’s simply about putting a plan into action. Facebook profiles or local listings are a great way to get yourself in front of customers but working on your website is. While I won’t be digging into the many ways to optimise your website, using digital marketing is a great way to get this done.

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