Rapid Growth

Due to our success with Ann Arbor and the state, we were able to create a process that would be beneficial to the company when going through the growth stage. While it is somewhat harmful for us to essentially give away our business model, we know that we will always be able to beat any competitors despite how strong they might be at the time.

Before we really get into detail, we do want to preface this by saying that we perfected our technique once we had expanded into Australia, and that is why a significant portion of this blog will be discussing our many cleaning companies in Australia as a whole. We began to develop and perfect this process when we found that Australia was a blooming country for both residents and tourists, with customers growing significantly by the year.

The initial part of the process is to ensure that you establish which markets in the country you would want to target first, which is entirely based on the number of customers and the strength of the competition. If you have been within the business for a long enough time, you will automatically know how to find the number of customers there are in any location. While it may be difficult due diligence is the most significant part of the process. It saves losing money. It also saves losing out on a lot of time and effort that you could have better spent anywhere else.

It can be difficult if you are a smaller business to perform correct due diligence, but I promise it would be significantly more detrimental to get the due diligence wrong, and spend a year trying to target a market that doesn’t have enough customers, or has competition you will never hope to beat. In part 2, we will explain what comes next!

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