London Cleaners

One of the most interesting ways that we increased our business was to start targeting cities in different countries. This was more important as we began targeting cities that we knew were under utilized in their markets, and there was a chance to hire local cleaners and significantly advertise our business to take advantage of the lack of current advertising possibilities.

London was initially the first city outside of America that we decided to target before anyone else, mainly because of the size of the city and the number of possible customers that we were waiting to take for ourselves. Due to London being one of the biggest cities in the world, we knew that there would always be customers waiting to need carpet cleaning services, and the city would only get bigger (and with that, we would only be getting more customers). Knowing the potential growth of the city, we knew it had to be one of the first places for us to target.

We operate under different names depending on the country or the city around the world. Ann Arbor Cleaners wouldn’t make a lot of sense when working in London, so we decided to go with a name that is more targeted. Using a more trustworthy and specific name, it felt like a great way for us to start advertising and marketing to the locals themselves.

It also turns out that digital marketing and direct marketing is a practice that isn’t being used at all by carpet cleaners around the United Kingdom. Currently, it is an open market and anyone who is willing to expand can find a base wherever they look. If you are a cleaner, now is a better time than any to begin expanding your business. You will always find a new market that is worth taking.