Commercial Cleaning Gold Coast

The commercial cleaning market in Australia is always growing with the amount of businesses that are growing yearly, and similar to the carpet cleaners in Australia, it is a market that is heavily plagued by companies that are unaware of the benefits that digital marketing can provide them. Luckily, that means we have an opening for the future. One of our most successful markets that we had stumbled across throughout the years is the commercial cleaning aspect. Using this, we created a niche of commercial cleaning Gold Coast based companies that eventually turned into an additional business of our own. We had begun to use the commercial cleaning aspect of our business as an entirely different subsection of our carpet cleaning business and have begun to significantly increase our own business through this.

Because the process that we have built for rapid growth throughout Australia (and the world for the most part) has worked for most markets, we knew the process could be replicated with commercial cleaning. That’s why we are continuing to increase our commercial cleaning business throughout Australia as a whole.

We provide great commercial cleaning services for all customers, and we know that it can be difficult for many commercial property owners to properly maintain their own business. But we want to make sure that we increase our business using both our marketing skills but also through the quality of our work.

We also know that our commercial cleaning business is extremely effective. While we don’t provide handyman services, we make sure that a commercial property always looks good as new. If you are in the Gold Coast area or the surrounding areas and you own a commercial property that needs to be cleaned, then I would suggest calling us today! We are professional in this service which is why we are always growing!

Rapid Growth 2

The most significant part of any expansion plan is to ensure that you perform a strong due diligence on the markets that you look to target. But once the due diligence is complete, you need to focus on how to beat the competition by being more noticeable than more established faces. While this sounds difficult, it isn’t. If a customer finds you first, they are both more likely to contact you than them, and they are more likely to purchase from you.

If you are looking at a business that has been established against a company that is new such as you, the benefit of being an unknown quality is in fact a benefit, not a negative. Many assume that it would automatically be a negative because some are not likely to go with a company that they haven’t heard of, and instead go with a company who they know is consistent and reliable. But consistent isn’t always better, and this is the case for carpet cleaners.

That makes digital marketing a significant benefit for companies such as carpet cleaners. Around the world, many businesses digital marketing aspects aren’t exactly strong. Most do not even have a Facebook profile, so their general presence is very small. When you look at Australia, carpet cleaners do not have a presence at all. This becomes a significant benefit, and a way for you to be found from customers that wouldn’t have been found otherwise.

Once you had assessed the digital marketing profile of competitors, it’s simply about putting a plan into action. Facebook profiles or local listings are a great way to get yourself in front of customers but working on your website is. While I won’t be digging into the many ways to optimise your website, using digital marketing is a great way to get this done.

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Rapid Growth

Due to our success with Ann Arbor and the state, we were able to create a process that would be beneficial to the company when going through the growth stage. While it is somewhat harmful for us to essentially give away our business model, we know that we will always be able to beat any competitors despite how strong they might be at the time.

Before we really get into detail, we do want to preface this by saying that we perfected our technique once we had expanded into Australia, and that is why a significant portion of this blog will be discussing our many cleaning companies in Australia as a whole. We began to develop and perfect this process when we found that Australia was a blooming country for both residents and tourists, with customers growing significantly by the year.

The initial part of the process is to ensure that you establish which markets in the country you would want to target first, which is entirely based on the number of customers and the strength of the competition. If you have been within the business for a long enough time, you will automatically know how to find the number of customers there are in any location. While it may be difficult due diligence is the most significant part of the process. It saves losing money. It also saves losing out on a lot of time and effort that you could have better spent anywhere else.

It can be difficult if you are a smaller business to perform correct due diligence, but I promise it would be significantly more detrimental to get the due diligence wrong, and spend a year trying to target a market that doesn’t have enough customers, or has competition you will never hope to beat. In part 2, we will explain what comes next!

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London Cleaners

One of the most interesting ways that we increased our business was to start targeting cities in different countries. This was more important as we began targeting cities that we knew were under utilized in their markets, and there was a chance to hire local cleaners and significantly advertise our business to take advantage of the lack of current advertising possibilities.

London was initially the first city outside of America that we decided to target before anyone else, mainly because of the size of the city and the number of possible customers that we were waiting to take for ourselves. Due to London being one of the biggest cities in the world, we knew that there would always be customers waiting to need carpet cleaning services, and the city would only get bigger (and with that, we would only be getting more customers). Knowing the potential growth of the city, we knew it had to be one of the first places for us to target.

We operate under different names depending on the country or the city around the world. Ann Arbor Cleaners wouldn’t make a lot of sense when working in London, so we decided to go with a name that is more targeted. Using a more trustworthy and specific name, it felt like a great way for us to start advertising and marketing to the locals themselves.

It also turns out that digital marketing and direct marketing is a practice that isn’t being used at all by carpet cleaners around the United Kingdom. Currently, it is an open market and anyone who is willing to expand can find a base wherever they look. If you are a cleaner, now is a better time than any to begin expanding your business. You will always find a new market that is worth taking.

Ann Arbor Cleaners

One of the biggest reasons that Ann Arbor Cleaners has become a large cleaning company around America, Australia and New Zealand is due to the amazing work of many of our cleaners. We have many cleaners that work all around the world on a day to day basis providing clean and effective cleaning for both residential and commercial companies around the world. These cleaners have become experienced professionals at their trades, while providing some of the best services against competitors.

As you can tell by the name of our company, Ann Arbor Cleaners had originally started in Ann Arbor. We were a residential and commercial cleaner, but we mainly focused on helping residential properties simply due to our relatively new experience at the time. That, and we were a smaller company who had yet to build their name.

Throughout the years, we had become the biggest and best company in Ann Arbor. Due to the amount of business that we were bringing in and how large a customer satisfaction level we had, retention was easy. And it had only begun to increase in time. The longer we were able to retain our customers, the larger a customer base we were always going to keep.

From there, we had begun to branch out to larger cities. We had begun working state-wide, employing teams all around the state to ensure that there were always locals around to help. Ensuring that we always had local companies working around the state in the bigger cities ensures that we would always have fast and reliable services, and a quicker turnaround when looking at cleaners that were from Ann Arbor.

From here, ensuring that we could always increase business was the most important aspect of the business. On top of this, ensuring that we can continue to grow business throughout customer satisfaction is also beneficial.